Exterior Artists at ART BB


Andy Hazell ART B&B Blackpool

‘Fried Egg’ and ‘Skyline Flip’ (exterior rear elevation and yard)

Andy Hazell


‘Skyline Flip’ was born out of a serendipitous moment: Hazell had bought a fifties fish slice from a car boot sale, and that afternoon his son was watching Disney’s Classic ‘Fantasia’ on TV. Mickey Mouse, with a spell, had brought all kitchen implements to life. The two moments coalesced into the sprung, arcing fish slice readying itself for a flip.
The ‘Fried Egg’ flung against the wall followed on, naturally. 


Andy is talented maker of all large-scale things metal and mechanical as well as detailed automata, film making and photography.

Hazell says “I was born in the dull vacuum of suburban Manchester which gave me the impetus to leave and look over the horizon. I went to Reading University, because it was made of bricks and looked like a ‘seat of learning’. My world suddenly became oh-so much bigger. I was hungry and inquisitive moving from department to department. I discovered I could swap universities and went to Gottingen, in dull flat Germany to do printmaking. Then Syracuse, in cold snowy New York to do sculpture. I graduated making ‘short wobbly’ films…I hope that what I do makes the world a little bit more interesting.”

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