Ground Floor Artists at ART B&B

Ground Floor

Lisa Wigham ART B&B Blackpool

Front Window Signage and Foyer Mirrors

Lisa Wigham


For this commission Lisa Wigham has created the hotel’s bespoke front window signage to engage passers-by, and ‘a suite’ of hand painted poetic messages inside the hotel that explore where Blackpool exists in people’s imaginations.

She has collected lettering styles and motifs – from jaunty 60’s Illuminations posters to remnants of elegant Edwardian gilded shop windows – and integrated them into her hand painted signs at the Art B&B using traditional gold leaf signage techniques. No vinyl lettering for Lisa!

The mirrors on either side of the foyer were found in the attic of the Ocean Hotel (now ART B&B) and were originally dressing table mirrors in guest rooms in the 1940s.


Lisa Wigham is now a Blackpool based artist, having studied Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire. Lisa has had a variety of commissions, solo exhibitions and residences. After graduating in 1997 she set up The Two a.m. Press to make artists’ books, prints and public art with democratic intent.

Lisa Wigham makes work that creatively plays with language and typography and uses creative writing to compose thought-provoking art interventions for public places, art galleries and museums.
Romily Alice ART B&B Blackpool

‘Remedial Geologies IV’ (location: B-Space, wall mounted)

Romily Alice Walden


‘Remedial Geologies’ is a series of light art works depicting natural rock formations in clear glass and noble gases. Often referred to by the generic term ‘neon art’ this particular work primarily contains argon gas stimulated by a high voltage to produce a blue glow.

The work seeks to explore the link between natural landscape and wellness, asking whether the landscape can still be remedial if viewed through a digital or abstracted medium such as a light installation. As a disabled artist Romily cannot easily access the mountainous landscapes she depicts in light.

The shape of ‘Remedial Geologies IV’ was inspired by a rock formation in North Wales, an area that can be seen from the Blackpool coast.

Jointly commissioned with Unlimited


Romily Alice Walden is a trans disciplinary artist whose work centres around a queer disabled perspective on the fragility of the body. Originally from London, Romily now lives between her hometown and Germany.

Her practice spans sculpture, installation, video and printed matter, all with a socially engaged and research-led working methodology.
Keeley Bentley ART B&B Blackpool

‘Vegas of the North’ - photographic images on lightboxes (location ground floor)

Keeley Bentley


‘The Vegas of the North’ originated from a study that informs Keeley’s on-going photographic practice, questioning the ‘unreality’ of female adolescence in the media.

For this commission Keeley explored her hometown of Blackpool, the rationale being that by drawing on her extensive experiences and knowledge of her hometown, she could look for the cinematic in the mundane.


Keeley is a Fine Art Photographer based in Blackpool. She is currently studying and completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Influences are from vintage films, adverts and her own family’s archive which is built on a foundation of strong independent women who have lived in Blackpool for over 90 years.
Hunt and Darton ART B&B Blackpool

‘Motivational Flags’ (location: ART BAR, ground floor)

Hunt & Darton


Hunt & Darton have created a series of hand-made motivational flags to adorn the walls of the public ART BAR space. Each flag contains a comedic slogan created by the artists to motivate, inspire and encourage people, especially those working on their laptops, to get through the day.

They are housed in specially designed wooden boxes with a release mechanism that allows each one to be revealed at a strategic time of day. In this way Hunt and Darton can perform every day and interact with visitors without having to be present – clever.


Hunt & Darton is a Live Art Collaboration between Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton who have been working together since 2012.

Approaching Live Art from a Fine Art background they work across mediums with a sculptural approach to performance, choreographing words and movement in a sensory way and setting up alternative spaces – often creating installations to perform within (including their own radio station) and are particularly well known for their pop-up ‘Hunt and Darton’ café which serves up constant artistic interventions alongside tea and wagon wheels.
Jenny Steele ART B&B Blackpool

‘The Sea Front Carpet’

Jenny Steele


‘The Sea Front’ is a bespoke carpet in the main entrance stair, and upper corridors of ART B&B. It responds to in-depth research undertaken by Jenny Steele into the pleasure architecture constructed along Blackpool seafront over the last 150 years to provide spaces of rest and relaxation for visitors to the town.

Jenny has selected motifs from the exterior and interior of the following pleasure architecture: Blackpool Casino and Pleasure Beach – iconic red wheel; The Winter Gardens Foyer – exterior half-moon windows; and The Tower Ballroom stage steps.

These celebratory symbols of Blackpool’s architecture have been created into a semi-abstract repeat pattern for the Art B&B interior by North of England based carpet manufacturer, Gaskell & McKay, who Jenny worked closely with to interpret the design into a unique Axminster Carpet.


Jenny Steele is a Scottish artist currently based in Manchester, UK. Her work references 20th Century architecture, most recently coastal inter-war architecture and design.

Jenny is interested in the permanence of architecture, and in particular how inter-war period design embodied a utopian hope for the future.

In the coastal context she sometimes refers to this style as Seaside Moderne – where modernism and Art Deco coalesce in architecture of pleasure and leisure.