- Peters and Griffiths

Peters and Griffiths

Artists Catherine Peters and Claire Griffiths have installed an array of glowing badges for you in their ‘Been There, Got the Badge’ installation of slogans and aphorisms that chart the people and places of Blackpool’s collective experiences and alternative tourism.

Our bijou single traveller room, whilst compact, still has everything you need including a very comfy single bed, dedicated superfast broadband and an en-suite bathroom in zingy colours with its own deluxe rainfall shower.

Room 2.09 - ‘Badge Room’

Catherine Peters & Claire Griffiths

‘Been There, Got the Badge’ is the full title of this installation. It is an exploration into the very fabric of Blackpool – using a badge for creative expression, making use of its connotations to working class movements and its symbol of allegiance to particular times and places.


Peters and Griffiths have installed an array of glowing hand-made badges for you in their installation of slogans, colloquialisms and aphorisms that chart the people and places of Blackpool, its collective experiences and alternative tourism. They’ve even done a map to put it all in context. 

Badge Room ART B&B Blackpool
Some badges feature words and phrases that will be familiar, and in common use in Blackpool and the North West of England – but may sound strange or incomprehensible to those who live further afield from the UK’s most popular town.

Stop mithering…its crackin flags out ‘ere.


Catherine Peters is a designer and social enterprise based creative who trades as Mint & Mamma and has a academic background in Fashion.

Claire Griffiths works as a documentary photography with an interest in Socially engaged practice, as well as photographing she co runs community photography workshops, she graduated with a Fine Art Degree in 2001.

Catherine’s Fylde Repair Café encourages communities to engage with making and repairing: this includes clothes, computers, furniture and plants. The workshops aim to allow skill sharing and promote sustainability. Her practice offers consultancy expertise and regular junior creative workshops. She is a current member of Changing Cultures – Arts Leadership Programme.

Claire is a 100 Heroines RPS Nominee in 2018/19 she completed an Arts Council Supported photographic series, the #RetiredPerformers project which captured the memories, images and memorabilia of professional performers who worked in Blackpool in and prior to the 70’s. A commissioned photographer, her images have featured on The BBC, The Big Issue and Creative Review.