Second Floor Artsist at ART B&B

Second Floor

Tina Dempsey ART B&B Blackpool

‘JOY’ (location: atrium spaces second floor)

Tina Dempsey


Tina Dempsey’s artistic process examines sorrow and joy, exploring what triggers them and how they affect us. Her work incorporates humour, honesty, reality and the ridiculous, and questions how we might navigate emotions such as sorrow and joy in our modern, media saturated, lives.

Tina’s installation is a series of painted wooden shapes that aim to generate a sense of joy and excitement through the use of colour, pattern and form, creating a feeling of movement and play throughout the atrium spaces.


Tina is a Blackpool based artist, having displayed work across the North West of England and beyond. She uses personal experiences and self-reflection to inspire and create wonderful artworks.