- Gaskell and Mattocks

Gaskell and Mattocks

“The Comfortable Room” has been created with care by the artists Jenny Gaskell and Lisa Mattocks as a ‘place of wonder, a place to dream.’
It is particularly aimed at those who need a rest – rest from work fatigue, life fatigue or chronic pain. The specially curated objects around the room and the full wall projection film are aimed at giving you as comfortable and pleasing a stay as possible.

It is an accessible room with an en-suite wet room with cool grey porcelain tiles and top of the range rails and support bars. The double bed is super comfy and motorised, there are electrically operated curtains and remote-control mood lighting so you can enjoy your break without even having to leave your room.

Room 1.06 ‘The Comfortable Room’

Gaskell and Mattocks

Gaskell and Mattocks have created a room encompassing the whole idea of ‘comfortable’ 


– from the motorised orthopaedic bed, the curtains that close on demand, the adjustable lighting and the specially commissioned film projection showing Blackpool in all its beauty, allowing you to stay in, relax and experience Blackpool without leaving your bed (if you don’t want to).  

Lisa Mattocks ARTB B&B Blackpool

Inspiration for ‘The Comfortable Room’ has come from a variety of sources, including the artists friendship and collaborative practice over eight years of working together.

Having stayed in some awful accommodation whilst touring theatre shows, Mattocks (whose disability isn’t often visible) also had a longing to create a ‘place of care’ for the room’s guests, a space where “…things can be better”.


Jenny Gaskell has been working in Manchester as an artist and a producer of contemporary performance.

Lisa Mattocks is a creative technologist and freelance artist with experience in theatre production, performance and project management.

The Future – made up of Lisa Mattocks and Jenny Gaskell started as an artist-centred development collective in 2014, driven by activism and a desire to support artists ethically.