Dirty Secrets
- Kristina Veasey

Kristina Veasey

The bold patterns and colours in our family room are born from Kristina Veasey’s frustration as a disabled artist battling to keep up with the housework! Kristina shares the surprising results of this unlikely friendship in strange but beautiful imagery, celebrating unnoticed splendour by transforming images of common household detritus into stunning fabrics and furnishings.

Our family room has two very comfortable beds a twin and a double, a large en-suite bathroom in a zingy colour with a superb shower of shiny German and Swedish fittings, and a Smart TV that can mirror your own screens.

Room 1.10 - ‘A Room of Dirty Secrets’

Kristina Veasey

‘A Room of Dirty Secrets’ is born from Kristina Veasey’s frustration as a disabled person battling to keep up with the housework. 


Turning cleaning on its head, Veasey focuses in on everyday household detritus and, instead of sweeping it away, celebrates it and uses it to inspire patterns and shapes which she turns into stunning fabrics and furnishings. 

Kristina Veasey ART B&B Blackpool
A visual feast of quirky patterns and psychedelic tessellations run riot across walls and furniture prompting you to observe the everyday in new ways.

Will you still be swift to vacuum under the sofa, or will you pause to re-imagine the discarded treasures beneath?

(Don’t worry, despite the subject matter Kristina’s hotel room is scrupulously clean!).

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Kristina Veasey is a visual artist who likes to flip negatives into positives and find beauty in the mundane. She is drawn to the things most people pass by and is interested in the detail. Some of her work is influenced by the barriers she faces as a disabled person, some is not.

She was also part of Britain’s wheelchair basketball team at the Paralympics in 2000 and 2004!