- Adrian Pritchard

Adrian Pritchard

“The Moon Room” has been created for you by the artist Adrian Pritchard.
Inspired by the discovery of planets orbiting other star systems known as ‘exoplanets’, Adrian has twinned these discoveries with his own creations to visualise these new worlds like precious jewels. The largest one is Proxima Centauri B.

The suite has 3 rooms – a bedroom with super comfy king size bed and specially chosen contemporary lighting; a living room with cocktail bar, pull down projector screen, HD projector and mid-century modern furniture, and en-suite bathroom with cool grey porcelain tiles, bath and rainfall shower and shiny German and Swedish fittings.

Room 2.04 - ‘The Moon Room’

Adrian Pritchard

2019 was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon-landing by NASA – and it inspired Pritchard to make a series of ‘Orbital Moons’ using high-grade art epoxy resins. 


Many new planets have been discovered since 1969 by the KEPLER space telescope launched by NASA with a specific purpose to discover Earth-like planets. Adrian’s goal was to twin the discovery of new planets with his own creations to visualise new worlds like precious jewels, leading us to contemplate what lies beyond and our place within the universe.

Adrian Pritchard ART B&B Blackpool

Adrian physically manipulates the paint by tipping and turning the surfaces allowing the paint to find its own channels under the pull of gravity.

(As of the 18 February 2020 there are 4,126 confirmed ‘exoplanets’ you can keep up to date on the latest planet discoveries on NASA’s website .


Adrian Pritchard is a Blackpool based artist and educationalist whose work has a significant interest in physics and a scientific approach.