Now you see it
- Professor Tim Etchells

Professor Tim Etchells

“Now You See it… Suite” has been created by artist and writer Professor Tim Etchells. His intimate-scale gallery quality neon sculpture playfully invokes the mystery and delight of another era’s popular entertainment – “Now you see it…Now you don’t” (which can also be dimmed or turned off)
The suite has 3 rooms – a bedroom with super comfy king size bed and specially chosen contemporary lighting; a living room with cocktail bar, pull down projector screen, HD projector and mid-century modern furniture, and en-suite bathroom with cool grey porcelain tiles, bath and rainfall shower and shiny German and Swedish fittings.

Suite 2.02 ‘Now You See It…’

Tim Etchells

Blackpool is still home to a major international annual magician’s convention. 


Playfully invoking the mystery and delight of a popular magician and illusionists’ phrase from another era – ‘Now You See It, Now You Don’t’ – Etchell’s room conjures notions of revelation and concealment. As you fall asleep you may imagine things which have been or could be at some future moment. Or things that are hidden or concealed – whether they be physical, personal, social or political. 

Tim Etchells ART B&B Blackpool
The room also provides an intimate setting for a neon artwork which you don’t normally have a chance to get close to, outside of a gallery. ‘Neon’ works is a generic term for high voltage lights involving glass tubes filled with rare noble gases. In ‘Now You See It’ the hand-blown glass tubes are filled mainly with argon gas. Colours are created when this gas interacts with phosphorescent coatings on the inside of the glass tubes. This work, unusually, features a number of colours from the ‘neon’ palette in one artwork.

Etchells says ‘Across the range of my work I use strong, simple, sometimes comical means to get to serious ideas.’


Tim Etchells is an artist and writer based in the UK whose work shifts between performance, visual art and fiction. He is the leader of the world-renowned performance group Forced Entertainment, and collaborates with a range of visual artists, choreographers and photographers.

His work spans performance, video, photography, text projects, installation and fiction. He is currently Professor of Performance and Writing at Lancaster University.