Peep Fiction
- Noah Rose

Noah Rose

”Peep Fiction Room” at first glance, is a simple contemporary hotel room with all the comforts you would expect but it has been created with a twist by artist Noah Rose.
Cunningly hidden around the room (and in other locations around the hotel) are a number of stereoscopic photographic viewers exploring the hidden histories of Blackpool, bringing to light the stories of a number of remarkable and curious figures. Peep Fiction has its own artist created book to guide you, but will you find all of the stories?

It also has a super comfy king size bed, Smart TV (that you can mirror your own screens on), wireless phone charger and a small desk to write your memoirs as well as a zingy coloured bathroom with shiny German and Swedish fittings. Its own dedicated free superfast wifi.

Room 1.08 ‘Peep Fiction’

Noah Rose

‘Peep Fiction’ is a sculptural and photographic installation exploring both the hidden histories of Blackpool, and the difficulty in determining truth when searching through murky representations of the past. 


The installation uses 21 analogue stereoscopic slide-viewers, most of them hidden around the hotel room, with a few more hidden in different spaces within the hotel. It’s your job to find out where! 

Noah Rose - ART B&B Blackpool
Guests in the room will have to work a little to find their art here, and although the quest will not be too difficult, it will entail a little adventure and may get a little awkward in places.

Rose spent a lot of time researching the archival material held by the Blackpool Heritage Service based in the town’s central library to bring to light the stories of a number of remarkable figures from Blackpool’s past. Some of these characters are slightly famous, others almost completely unknown.

There is an accompanying ‘Peep Fiction’ book to go with the installation in the room, and copies are also available to buy at reception.


Noah Rose is an artist based between the North West of England and the West of Ireland. He studied at Manchester Metropolitan University, is currently developing his PhD at Glasgow School of Art and has an international practice making multi-disciplinary work, specialising in site-specific sculpture and installations, mainly for public spaces. His work is fundamentally interested in investigating the nature of what defines a place, its specific qualities within a geographical, cultural and socio-historical context.

He also loves cheese and cycling and has completed a number of triathlons (this bit was added by Michael Trainor, Creative Director of ART B&B as he has known him for 20+ years).