- Jez Dolan

Jez Dolan

“The Queer Room” has been created for you by Manchester based artist Jez Dolan. The room design is centred around the concept of an LGBT+ / queer space which reflects Blackpool’s national significance and popularity as a home and a destination for LGBT+ people for many years.
All the artwork focuses on queerness, sexuality and identity with centrepiece being a specially commissioned Blackpool ‘Toile de Jouy’ (a particular type of detailed pattern) wallpaper and fabrics.

It has contemporary lighting and furniture with a touch of rococo specially chosen to help you feel a little decadent. It also has a super comfy king size bed, Smart TV (that you can mirror your own screens on) as well as a cool grey porcelain tiled bathroom with shiny German and Swedish fittings. Its own dedicated free superfast wifi.

Room 2.03 ‘The Queer Room’

Jez Dolan

Jez Dolan’s room is centred around the concept of an LGBT+ / queer space inspired by Blackpool’s significance as a welcoming home and a destination for LGBT+ people. 


The room’s furnishings and wallpaper have been designed and produced by Dolan in collaboration with illustrator Guy McKinley as a special commission for the ART B&B.
Jez Dolan ART B&B Blackpool
Dolan’s bespoke ‘Blackpool Toile’ (toile is a French word for a fabric with a repeated printed pattern) references classical figures from a painting by John Faed from 1850 called “The Cruel Sister”, which is in Bury Art Gallery, and is used in both the wallpaper and fabrics for the room’s curtains and soft furnishings.

Other works by Dolan in the room include:

Lil Queen (part of Manchester Drag Icons (2016) Screenprint on paper (edition of 5). Originally created as part of a series funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of a year-long project exploring the history of drag in Manchester.
Wolfenden (2016) Screenprint on paper (edition of 57 prints) originally commissioned by the UK Houses of Parliament. The Wolfenden Report, published in 1957, concluded that the criminalisation of homosexuality was an impingement on civil liberty and while the law should prevent abuse and protect the young and other vulnerable individuals, it should not intrude into matters of personal morality.

Polari – An Etymology (Screenprint on paper). Polari is a specifically British Sociolect (a non-standard dialect) primarily (although not exclusively) used by Gay men between the 1920s and the 1970s. The dialect was at its height in the years immediately prior to the partial decriminalisation of Homosexuality in England and Wales in 1967, although its history and etymology can be traced further into the past. This ‘lost language of Gay men’ (which served simultaneously as disguise and identification) has been a recurring theme in Dolan’s work for a number of years. 


Jez Dolan is a Manchester based artist and his practice explores sexuality, queerness, identity and memory with a specific focus on the codification of language.

These interests are expressed in a range of mediums including, drawing, installation, printmaking and performance, utilising the medium which best expresses the message for each individual work.