- Louise Ahl

Louise Ahl

Choreographer and dancer Louise Ahl has created a bespoke soundscape for this cool contemporary minimalist room called ”Unless we dream, we doubt”.
Multiple speakers built into the room, and even into the bed, create an hypnotic sound installation which focuses on choreographed sound and stories, moving the guest in and out of meditative states. It is a gallery quality immersive experience that you can control for as long or as little as you desire. It is an accessible room with an en-suite wet room with cool grey porcelain tiles and top of the range chrome rails and support bars. The king size bed is super comfy, and the Smart TV allows you to mirror your own screen as well as the usual channels. It has its own dedicated superfast wifi.

Room 2.05 – Soundscape Room

Louise Ahl and Yas Clarke

‘Unless we dream, we doubt’ is a hypnotic surround sound installation which choreographs sound, and the experience of sound moving physically in the bedroom. The sound also ‘moves’ the room’s guests internally, in and out of meditative states. 


Whilst initially looking like a fairly simple but comfortable hotel room, guests will notice speakers built into the ceiling and the bed (but not the very complex technology that creates the moving sound effects). 

Louise Ahl ART B&B Blackpool
When activated, the sound moves, vibrates and envelopes the guest as if there is another presence (or body) in the room. The installation is best-experienced sitting or lying in bed. Allow yourself time to relax, listen, be mindful and enjoy.

All audio tracks have been written, recorded and read/sung by Louise Ahl with sound design and composition by Yas Clarke.


Louise Ahl is a Glasgow-based artist originally from Sweden, making experimental and choreographic performance work. She creates both solo and collaborative multi-art-form pieces under the guise of Ultimate Dancer.

Ahl makes work around the metaphysical and mystical, using movement, voice, light, sonics and language. She challenges the form and notion of choreography in her work, with her work exploring improvisation, cultivating presence and atmosphere.

Her artistic outputs are trippy, colourful and idiosyncratic performances with meditative qualities.